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December 2001


Meeting Minutes
October 24, 2001 Membership Night

The meeting was called to order by Tom Rougeaux who also gave a 'CLUB OVERVIEW' to prospective new members in attandance.

Redondo Beach Fair: The subject of offering something other than funnal cakes (Shaved Ice, Root Beer Floats, Bottaled Water…etc.) for Frontier Days next year was discussed.

Red Jung gave an update on the 'Club Shirt' order and advised that his goal was to place the order by Nov. 15th,2001.
Red also advised that Club member Mel Yates was not feeling well and was scheduled to undergo back surgery sometime before Thanksgiving. A heartfelt "Best of Luck and Get well Soon" from all to Mel.

Peter Valaentin reported that we had a +$200.00 accounting revision to the income from the Manhattan Beach Fair bringing our revised net to $6,567.88 .

Tom Rougeaux stated that the Clubs facility lease renewal was being finalized and the new terms would most likely be for another two years and would call for the relocation of the storage shed.

A Sportsman's welcome to Lee Goldblott, guest of Chris Collignon.

Special Thanks to Lee Gustafson and his team for all the hard work they put in to making the Membership Dinner Meeting DELICIOUS!

Meeting adjourned.

Attendance: Barrington, Brettnacher, Collignon, Dracoules, Fernandez, Giannioses,Gustafson, Hill,Jung, Kauls, Martelaro, Ortiz, Parker, Reasor, Rougeaux, Sawyer, Seelig, Solamon, Stemmler, Stott, Valentin, Wisser GUESTS: Goldblatt

November 14, 2001
The meeting was called to order and lead by Jon Stott in Tom Rougeaux absents.
Jon Stott reminded every one to RSVP the Christmas Dinner Party and get their checks to Geoff Graue by Dec.7, 2001.

Red Jung reported that The FINAL shirt order was all set to go and promised new shirts for the Holidays.
A motion was made and passed to order 50 new hats with the shirt order.
Red also mentioned that Mel Yates back operation was a success!

Philanthropic Committee Chairman, Allan Watt, advised that the board had accepted the committees budget recommendations.
A motion was made and passed to approve this years Philanthropic Budget.

George Zittler will be organizing our spring golf outing which will take place on a WEEKEND in April at River Ridge Golf Club in Oxnard. Overnight accommodations will be at the Marriott Residence Inn located next to the course. For more information and reservations, please contact George.

Meeting adjourned.

Attendance: Barrington, Chandler, Collignon, Jung, Kemp, Kropp, Marousek, Martelaro, Montelongo, Musick, Parker, P. Perez, Sawyer, Stemmler, Stott, Virobik, Watt, Zettler GUESTS: Goldblatt

November 28, 2001
The meeting was called to order and lead by Jon Stott.

Jon again reminded everyone to please RSVP and get their checks into Geoff Graue for the Christmas Dinner Party.

City Government Night has been rescheduled from 2-27-2002 to 3-27-2002 and Steak and Joke Night will now be held on 2-27-2002.

A motion was made and passed to again help sponsor the South High Girls Softball Team.

A plea was again made for members who had not yet paid their dues to please do so while we are all still young!

In his absents, Dick Rectors was unanimously appointed to act as Chairman of next months Chili Cook-off. THANKS DICK!

Missed a few meetings lately??? Please be sure to mark your calendar and plan on attending the January 9th Regular Meeting…the club is still in need of a Chairman for the Redondo Beach Fair!

Meeting adjourned.

Attendance: Barrington, Brettnacher, Carswell, Gustafson, Jung, Kropp, Martelaro, Parker, Perry, Sawyer, Stemmler, Stott

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