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February 2002


Meeting Minutes

January 23rd: Chili Cookoff Dinner Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8:09 by Tom Rougeaux. Al Ortiz led the Pledge of Allegiance.

No Old Business

New Business: This year's Chili Cookoff was well attended and proved to be one of our best ever. We once again brought in a panel of impartial Judges from the International Chili Society, and again congratulations and top honors go to our guest Team Captain James Marks and the Walteria Business Man's Club. (I know, we'll get em' next year!) A special thanks to Dick Rector for organizing a great event.


 Team Captain Judges' Choice Members' Choice
 James Marks  1st 3rd
 Billie Bottorf  2nd 2nd
 Jon Stott  3rd 4th
 Paul Stemmler  4th 1st
 Ray Dracoules  5th 5th
 Red Jung 6th 6th

A correction to the January Newsletter was made: the Spring Golf Outing will be held at Carlton Oaks, April 16-17,2002
A new flyer was passed out at the meeting reflecting this change.

The Fall Golf Outing is scheduled for September 28-29,2002 at River Ridge Golf Club in Oxnard. All interested Golfers should please give George Zettler a call at 310-378-4598.

Please welcome new members Dusty Gravatt and Darrel Achstein.

Meeting adjourned.

Attendance: Arthur, Carswell, Cortopassi, Danner, DeHart, Djujic, Dracoules, Dunn, Graue, Hill, Jung, Martelaro,Perez, Perry, Rector, Rougeaux, Schroeder, Stott, Valentin, Virobik, Watt, Wisser Guests: Billie Bottorf WBMC,James Marks WBMC New Members: Gravatt, Achstein.

February 13,2002 Philanthropic Recipients Meeting

Meeting called to order at 8:15pm by Tom Rougeaux. Robin Sawyer led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Allen Watt introduced the Philanthropic Committee Members who in turn presented this years recipients as follows:

Committee Member  Organization Recipient Club Donation
Dick Rector Walteria Sr. Citizens Center None attended, received a thankyou letter from the group Card Table, Bridge Game, Board Games
Dick Rector  Walteria Library  Mr. Ross  Magazine Racks
 Steve Fernandez Saint Lawrence School  None attended  Two 19" Color TVs
Herb Solomon  Richardson Middle School  Linda Dowlan, Principal  SWAP Program funding
 Herb Solomon  South High  Mr. And Mrs. O'Kelly  Marshall's Music Gift Certificate
 Al Ortiz  Riviera Elementary  None attended, Dr. MacLean received donation for the school  Bookcases for Reading Resources Room
 Paul Perez  Riviera Hall  None attended, Mrs. Jean Koster received donation for the school  Teachers Aid Books
 Allen Watt  Riviera YMCA  None attended, Mrs. Ann Barnett received donation Bookshelves

Tom Rougeaux reported that after much effort, our request to participate in this years "Taste of Redondo" street fair has been declined. This event ( formally-Frontier Days) has contributed aproximently $1200 to the Clubs annual income.
A brain storming discussion took place on how the Club could make up this short fall. Ideas range from renting booth space at Wilson Park on the 4th of July and sell Hot Dogs, Sodas, Water etc. to perhaps Co- Hosting another pancake breakfast event with a local community group and splitting the profits. Ideas are needed from all members! Please direct any suggestions you might have to Robin Sawyer who will be heading up this new committee.

Coy Chandler requested that the Club consider purchasing a 10' x 20' E-Z up type car cover to replace our current "Fair Booth" for $170. A motion was made and carried for this purchase.

Keith Musick, on behalf of Riviera Little League, thanked the Club for its annual Outfield Sign sponsorship.

It was reported that 40% of this years membership dues have yet to be paid. A telephone tree was organized to contact and extend a special invitation to all unpaid members to attend Steak and Joke Night and please bring their best joke, appetite and dues.

Meeting Adjourned 9:05pm

Attendance: Achstein, Barrington, Betlinski, Chandler, Collignon, Dracoules, Fernandez, Goldblatt, Graue, Jung, Kauls, Kropp, Martelaro, Musick, Ortiz, P. Perez, Rector, Rougeaux, Sawyer, Solomon, Stemmler, Stott, Watt, Wisser, Zettler

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