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January/February 2000

Minutes of 1/26/00 Meeting:

Chris Collignon called the meeting to order at 7:15pm. The meeting was turned over to the Chili Cookoff Chairman Dick Rector. Dick introduced the judges: Denny Hingen, Frank Payne and Gene Egnutuk fro the International Chili Society (this is not joke, they are REALLY official judges!).

The highlight of the meeting was when an unnamed chili captain got locked in the Men's room!! The poker players had to remove the door pins from the hinges to get him out. We now have new door locks on the Men's room door.

Results for the Chili Cookoff were:


Judges' Choice

Members' Choice
Perry, Brettnacher, Hill, Rice, Verobic 2nd Place
Martelaro, Stott, R. Perez, McClure, Barrington 1st Place 1st Place
Gavola, Hubble    
Hammond, Roberts, Parker, Murtha 3rd Place 2nd Place
Rougeaux, Wells, Sawyer, Ortiz, Jung   3rd Place

Congratulations to everyone who participated! ALL the entries were great this year and all deserve a prize. There was NONE left, so you know all the entries were GOOD! Special thanks to Dick Rector for coordinating the event and securing the excellent judging.

Attendees: Stott, Rector, Yates, Jung, Gianniosis, P. Perez, Nau, DeLong, Beigel, Hill, Graue, Verobic, Stemmler, Murdoch, Watt, Robertson, Wisser, Lafevre, Valentin, Fernandez, Barrington, Wells, Young, Murtha, Roberts, Brettnacher, Kriss, Hammond, Musick, R. Perez, Bullock, Roberts, Perry, Rice, Rougeaux.

If you have not paid your dues yet, please mail your $30 check to the club P.O. box or bring it to the next meeting.

Next Meeting: City Government Night, Wednesday, February 23 at 7:00. Dick Rossberg has arranged to get ALL SEVEN of the members of the current Torrance City Council to present at the meeting. BE SURE TO ATTEND! Bring your wife, neighbor and/or friends. Let's show our support and appreciation for the Council taking time out of their busy schedule to come to our meeting.

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