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May 2001

The last newsletter failed to note the success of this year's Easter Egg Hunt. John Wisser was the 'Fearless Leader' of the event, and he brought his entire family down to El Retiro Park to help out. We had fair weather and a nice turn out of egg hunters. The early morning dog patrol made sure that all of the eggs that the kids found were plastic and none were brown. Sam Matelaro was the man behind the scenes, who arranged for all of the goodies, filled all of the eggs, and generally took care of things to help make it a great day. Thanks to both John and Sam for a great time.

Beer Tasting night was also a winner again this year. Ron Perez may have earned a lifetime Chairman's position, by providing another first rate production. Beers from the Newport Beach Brewing Co. (courtesy of Sam Martelaro) were tasted along with a wide selection of munchies (courtesy of Ron and John Barrington).
The #1 rated beer of the evening was "Duke Dark", but we are all fairly sure the Collignon stuffed the ballot box.
If you missed it, be sure to come next year. An addition to the evening was the auctioning of a pair of sterio speakers, with the proceeds going to the club. Jon Stott had the 'winning' bid at $25.00, and promises that any one who didn't get a chance to bid will have another chance next year at the Second Annual Speaker Auction.

Several donations to the Scholarship Fund were made in remembrance of Phil Pelland (and another donation was received by mail this week). Letters of thanks have been sent to all of the generous donors.

Attendance: Allen Watt, Ray Dracoules, Paul Virobik, Ernie Neu, Mel Yates, Paul Perez, Ron Perez, Bob DeHart, Gene Frazier, Paul Stemmler, Geoff Graue, Peter Valentin, Tom Rougeaux, Chris Collingnon, Al Ortiz, Steve Fernandez, Harry Roberts, Don Mitchell, Harry Carswell, Coy Chandler, George Zettler, Don Hammond, Jack Kropp, Robin Sawyer, Don Young, John Barrington, Jon Stott, Eric Seelig, Bob Almeida, Sam Martelaro.

At the next meeting, we will vote on the nominations for next year's officers. The committee has offered the following names for consideration:

President Tom Rougeaux
Vice President Jon Stott
Secretary Sam Martelaro
Treasurer Peter Valentin
Sergeant at Arms John Barrington

The Redondo Fair funnel cake booth was this past week-end. We will get a report next meeting.

Don't forget, the Pancake Breakfast is coming up at end of the month. Be sure to sign up for a work shift at the next meeting.

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