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May 1999

Presidents Message

Our year is rapidly coming to a close. This month we finish up with the Pancake Breakfast fundraiser – our largest of the year. Some members may recall that the Sportsmen have been raising money with this event for over 40 years. This is clearly a neighborhood tradition! Don Young is chairing the event.

We also have our annual scholarship and Socrates award night coming up June 9. You will want to be sure to plan to attend to honor the students and teacher selected by the committee headed up by Dave Sargent and Tony Kriss. It is important to show our support at this event. After all, we spent the year raising money for just this purpose!

Our last hurrah is our installation dinner. You will want to join us at the San Pedro Elks Lodge and celebrate on Saturday, June 12. Our new officers have been nominated and announced to the membership at the last general meeting. Robin will take over as President (he had a lot of practice this year!); Chris Collignon will become Vice President (he did a great job on the newsletter this year); Tom Rougeaux will take over as Secretary (everyone enjoyed the great dinner nights put on by Tom); Juris will remain as Treasurer; and Pete Valentin will join the "inner circle" as Sargent at Arms. Many thanks to Ed McClure for arranging the slate of new officers.

Make sure you mark your calendars for these events!


Officer Nominations for 1999-2000 (to be voted on at the 5/26/ 99 meeting)


Robin Sawyer


Tom Rougeaux

Vice President:

Chris Collignon

Sgt. at Arms:

Pete Valentin


Juris Kauls

Past President:

Geoff Graue


41st. Annual Youth Benefit

Pancake Breakfast

Saturday May 29th, 1999. From 6 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Sign-Up Sheet


Meeting Minutes 4/28/99: Beer Tasting Night (courtesy of John Stott): Robin Sawyer called the meeting to order after the third round of tasting. Steve Fernandez announced that the take from the Riviera Village Festival was $3360 gross for an approximate net of $2650. Ed McClure reminded those present of the June 12th. Installation Dinner to be held at the San Pedro Elks Club. Paul Virobik offered to chair next year’s beer tasting night.

Attendees 3/24/99 : Brettnacher, Bull, Fernandez, Hammond, Hood, McClure, Perry, Rector, H. Roberts, Sargent, Sawyer, Stott

Meeting Minutes 5/12/99: Robin Sawyer called the meeting to order at 8.15pm. Alan Watt started the philanthropic report out with regrets that the So. High representative was not able to be present.

Don Marousek then introduced Tim Stow, Asst. Principal of Richardson Middle School. Tim provided an extensive update on the KARE program that the club supports.

Ed McClure then reported on the nominating committee’s arm twisting results. Nominations are listed above and are to be voted upon at the 5/26 meeting. Any other members wishing to be considered as candidates must be in attendance at the 5/26 meeting. Ed announced that the club will be providing each member a new club hat (cost to the club $600+). Ed reminded members of the installation dinner 6/12. And finally Ed mentioned that there would be no Torrance Education Foundation breakfast this year.

Don Young gave a progress report on the Pancake Breakfast. The current sign up sheet is above and as you can see volunteers are still needed. Please contact Don if you are available.

Steve Fernandez reviewed the results of the Riviera Village Festival. The club netted $2650. Best year yet.

Keith Musick read a letter of thanks to the club, and presented a plaque, from the Riviera Little League for our continued support. Keith also announced that the Little League is still pursuing with the city the vacant land behind the Little League field.

Juris Kauls provided a treasurer’s report (copies available at the meeting).

Tom Rougeaux showed off more of the donated Yamaha items and sought suggestions on how we should distribute them. Ideas from the floor included periodic raffles at the Pancake Breakfast, donate some to the Riviera Elementary Monte Carlo Night, and a donation to the Riviera Little League for the Challenger Game event 5/16.


Attendees 5/12/99: Barrington, Betlinski, Bull, Bullock, Collignon, Fernandez, Jung, Kauls, Kemp, LeFevre, Marousek, Martelaro, McClure, Musick, Parker, R. Perez, Rector, H. Roberts, Rougeaux, Sawyer, Stemmler, Stott, Virobik, Watt, Wells, Young, Zettler

Next Meeting

Please plan to join us at the meeting to be held:

Wednesday, 5/26/1999 at 7:00 p.m.

The LAST dinner meeting of the year!

 HRSC June Golf Outing, June 21-23

Carlton Oaks. 3Days /2 nights. Includes 2 dinners/2 breakfasts / shared golf cart.

Price $210 per golfer / $85 non-golfer.  Don Marousek, Chairman.

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