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October 2000 (2nd one)

Meeting Minutes
October 11, 2000 8:00PM
The Manhattan Beach Fair was a great success this year. After two very busy days of Funnel Cake sales, the Club grossed approximately $9500 in total sales. After all expenses, we will have cleared in excess of $8200 for the Philanthropic budget. A semi complete accounting will be available at the meeting. Many thanks to everyone who worked at the fair. Special thanks to Coy Chandler for making sure we got everything set-up properly (and for building the equipment in the first place), and to Dick Rector for doing multiple rotten chores before and after the fair, to make it easier on all of us.

Pat yourself on the back. We did a good job again.

The Golf outing is set for November 8,9,10. Please contact Don Marousek (310-375-5686) to find out the particulars. There may still be time to sign up if you haven’t already done so.

The Riviera Elementary PTA is holding their annual Carnival fund raiser this weekend (10/28), and they need Sportsman volunteers to man their barbeques at the event. If you can help, let us know at the meeting, or contact Jeff Wells for details.

Keith Musick presented the Club with a plaque from the Riviera Little League, in appreciation of the Club’s support. Look around the walls at the clubhouse, it’s already on display.

Pancake dispensers. We are missing two of the dispensers from the Pancake Breakfast equipment. If you know where they are, or if you know of a private function this past summer/fall where they may have been loaned out, please contact Dick Rector (378-5615). These are semi-irreplaceable items, and we need them back.

Attendance: Almeida, Betlinski, Collignon, Fernandez, Graue, Jung, Martelaro, Musick, Rougeaux, Sawyer, Stott, Valentin, Wisser

Next Meeting: MEMBERSHIP NIGHT, Wednesday, October 25, 7:00pm. Be sure to come to the meeting, and bring along any prospective members. Robin Sawyer is Chairing the event, and there will be Steak dinner. Guests will get a free meal, (get them signed up before you tell them it’s the only freebie they will get from the Club).

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